A Word from Our Rotten Sponsor, Johnny Rotten, from Down the Hall

In this post-Santa Clause, pre-apocalyptic world we inhabit, it is time enough at last to create our own reality. That is to say, keep doing what we’re already doing. As we mutate toward the dancing night, we howl at our nervous screens, and throw knucklecurve-balls every now and then or once in a while in a Blue Moon limited release beer. We can call out the un-metal sacks of bones and skin, those so-called humanitarians, for being funk butt liberal artsy college politically correct pink doily numb-skull Hippocrytes. We shall not be afraid to walk into K-Mart with our pants pulled down, with deathly metal and cool ass body paint. Those elitist K-Mart corduroy selling corporate squares can’t stop us if we’re together forever, foreva eva. We shall only eat one meal a day to preserve resources for the coming apocalypse (zombies, fingers crossed!). We will find a cure for granola crunching, corduroy wearing deviant-fartists. Ding dong! The movie Hitch is dead, folks.

Actually there are some bomb ass videos on youtube really but you gotta browse at night for a while…I’m actually making a new cool video called Capitalism. It’s not a love story, it’s a story about love.

john hollister rotten commends allen + luke.

John Hollister Rotten commends Allen & Luke.

A voice is saying stop writing but another voice says Ebola must be stopped!!!!!!!! I don’t have time for voices, I’m blogging. This is just a humble blog, my comrades, my shit kicking goons haha. And together we will carry the world on my back, that is to say on my blog. Down with yuppiedom, and in with the new order…of breadsticks. Together we’ll find a cure for the uncritical bimbos. And I mean men AND women lol. The aggression and slaughter against us will not stand, and we’ll develop new strategeries for combatting militant quasi-haters and faux nonhaters alike, as the post-millennial gurus that we are. We’re Freud’s boys…so be mindful. As Guardians of the Galaxy would say, we will come at you full force with science fiction fantasy violence plus mild language but no ketamine this time guys you RUINED the movie for everyone especially Jessica she’s a sweet tart. We will fail and fail again, friends. We’ve already failed. Butt fuck it though, right scro’? Haha So good night, and good luck. And remember, as our Prophet JJ Abrahams said to me once, “the Force is strong with this bigwiggin’ big dick haver!!!” Psych! Haha no, fuck JJ Abrams though. And fuck the internet!!!! Peace!!!!!!………?

Really doe, congrats to Luke & Allen on their new blog.

sent from my iphone, douchers

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