Dick Wolff. Pioneering Community Through the Invigorating “Meta-Space” Processes. 2015

Visualization of differential spaces.

We are all a part of a community in desperate need of invigoration. This includes individuals with a function as well as those without a function. To cultivate a sense of community among these individuals takes a transference of ideals from the self to the space. What that process needs is the same as all processes: space. Most processes operate under the domain of physical reality’s space. The process we must undertake to form a robust and purposeful community can best be understood as “meta-space.” This “meta-space” is in essence a hyper-sensible space where the individuals of the community become pure metaphysical substance not subject to the perils of physical reality. Populating “meta-space” provides equal opportunity to induce metaphorical states and thus yields a communal identity. Using these “meta-space” processes we all gain function and purpose which can be used in physical reality to reach success and cash money.

Click here for a short video on the subject.

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