Dick Wolff. Reclaiming Expressivism. 2015

Throughout history as a whole, certain events have forced uncouth videologies into our bodies through popular mind culture. And let’s face it, we love to exit conformist society through expressivism: a mode of mindful concept-channeling not limited to the laboratory. Yet contemporary culture has disavowed this freedom-channeling, sanctioning “studio” space as an obviously faux-“free” zone for limited forms of expressivism. We need the freedom to experiment with expressivism. We need to express ourselves by welcoming glowing celestial orbs into our bodies and also into our minds as well.


Be welcoming to glowing celestial orbs.

Expressivism is like a cool wave of water that splashes us and refreshes us, a wave which turns into a wing and takes us into the clouds to feel the warmth of the sunsphere until we burn to a fiery crisp. To reclaim expressivism is to put on a red badge of courage and march down the street, ignoring the pretentious moorings of someone like comparative literature graduate student Wayne Newman. Mister Newman is known for his quips about literature, notably that Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is a “dumbass.” Among other atrocious things Wayne Newman has furnished is a nonsensical theory about cybercultural ecstasy. I would like now to formally challenge Wayne Newman to a duel.

Below are some examples of the Expressivist style in practice:
Example 1
Example 2

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