Heaven’s Devils, a sestina from HARLAX

Creepy Rick and the Bunch bought Puch mopeds,
ridin’ around, new life abounds, so groovy,
like buyin’ a sword,
new life, more energy, at least for Rick.
Get out of the house, ride around, off the sofa, no more a pig.
Creepy Rick and the Bunch see some hooligans, scorin’ smack,

says Rick ‘Call the cops’ or shall they crash the smack,
The Bunch ride fast, decide to crash, not the mopeds,
but the smack, they take it and ride, find a cop, hand it over, oh!, a pig,
and ride on home, yelling, singing, that was so groovy!
They agree, very groovy, better do more good, more good, thinks Rick,
but first the partying, drink the beer, wave around the samurai sword.

They call themselves the Heaven’s Devils, because of the sword,
their only weapon, the Heaven’s Devil, Rick’s sword, they could also smack
with their fists, but violence was never their aim, never for Rick,
Creepy Rick, of forty years, nothin’ to show, a metal band, and now mopeds,
a gang of Puch Mopeds, do some good, Rick, good is groovy,
don’t be a pig, speaking of pigs, here’s a pig,

a pig comin’ in fast, eatin’ a doughnut, that pig,
on a Big Police Bike, yells ‘now do we have a permit for that sword?’
They do not, oh no, they get fined, not groovy,
mopeds roaring, with rage, find some smack,
thinks Rick, be heroes, heroes on mopeds,
no smack, but a cat, trapped, in a tree, save the cat, Rick.

A hero, that Rick, high voice and all, Death Metal Rick
saved that cat, it was the Heaven’s Devils, not some pig,
some old guys, on mopeds,
saved the day, for one child, oh not with the bang of the sword,
but the whimper of a man, a Creepy Rick man, struggling, as branches smack
him in the face, but he saves the cat, and that’s groovy.

Rick sleeps well, dreams, a groovy dream, lava lamp groovy,
about the Heaven’s Devils, then about Young Rick,
and his days of using smack,
of being a pig on a sofa, a pig
with a sword,
pig without moped, without a gang of mopeds.

Rick gets up, Young Rick has passed, he wasn’t groovy, was a pig,
Rick leaves the sword,
and goes outside, sees his friends, on their mopeds.

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