An Uningibberable Conversation

All is not well here at Wilderness of Mirrors Blog H.Q.  Earlier, this very day, I had a remarkable shock that shook me right to my chakras. I was sipping a sans ice iced tea and considering life—in particular I was considering some fascinating particles of light, about which I was hoping to write a post today—when I overheard a conversation of a most unbelievable sort between a pair of morons. The first to speak within my earshot, whom I shall call Moron 1, said to the other person, whom I shall call George Lucas, “I have never read the Wilderness of Mirrors Blog.”

Now you might think this statement from Moron 1 would be the topic of concern, but it is not, because then George Lucas responded by saying, and I assure you, dear readers, that I am not altering the phrasing of this response in the slightest way: “It all seems like gibberish to me.”

Gibberish??? I am sorry, but this blog contains almost no gibberish at all! Not that there would be anything wrong with a gibberish blog, in fact some of my best friends are gibberish blogs. But if you think that THIS is a gibberish blog, then you have poorly educated yourself, and are thus a moron.

I apologize to our more brightly witted readers who no doubt already appreciate this, but for the sake of all the morons out there, allow me to improve your grasp of diction by demonstration:

gibberish – Gaber flapsuplot an rektushactulation fois a lesterpall and grank. Gaber jaban fois regorot the credupolt.

indecipherable – The f*****g ***** is so *****g far in the c*** **** ********s that it might as well be in a f*** ***y all the way to h*** already!

undecodable – 1657891 58891 11 167591 11 33131657 58891 4 1657891 11 779776 4

unintelligible – There was hardly any rocket in the one time from without the work that it was shooting off, but still after so fuel burnt it did.

an excerpt from the post I was GOING to finish and publish today – This is probably why the particles of light in our mucus membranes, which we purchased online for only $0.99 a piece plus tax and shipping and handling, are so delightfully powerful as means for transcendence.

Hopefully the fact that this blog does not belong to the genre of gibberish is now plainly evident to any morons out there, including George Lucas.

So long, and may the best of times pursue you.

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