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On Location Reporting: The North American Hypernormal and Pararegular Fair

The North American Hypernormal and Pararegular Fair is put on every total-eclipse-of-the-sun for the five days leading up to the eclipse and the day of the eclipse.  It is a time when the enthusiasts of the hypernormal and pararegular communities … Continue reading

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The Moon Landings: Where are your tax dollars really going and did the government know the whole time!?????

Many cycles of the moon have passed since Luke and I first embarked on a mission to understand the moon and its so called landings. What on earth is going on here!  Is the moon a perfectly tossed Frisbee? If the … Continue reading

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Particles of Light: Just Say No!

[A MESSAGE FROM Allen 0] Dear readers, I regret to inform you that this is the last time you will be hearing from me. My experiment with the particles of light is complete. The bloody and irreversible results, and I … Continue reading

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Apology Re: Particles of Light: A Product Review

We at the blog deeply apologize for the mishap with the previous post. Due to circumstances out of our control, an unfinished draft was posted. In accordance with a provision in our agreement with our newest sponsor, we are unable … Continue reading

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Particles of Light: A Product Review

Greetings to our wonderful readership. I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting this review since my previous post. I received all of your detailed and biologically accurate death threats when I delayed the review, and it is great to know how much … Continue reading

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An Uningibberable Conversation

All is not well here at Wilderness of Mirrors Blog H.Q.  Earlier, this very day, I had a remarkable shock that shook me right to my chakras. I was sipping a sans ice iced tea and considering life—in particular I was … Continue reading

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Letters From Readers: Cinder and Block

Dear Readership of the Wilderness of Mirrors Blog, Today we are writing to share the life story of a couple who contacted us looking to spread awareness of an issue they encountered in their life. We found their story difficult to … Continue reading

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