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What kind of damn ding-dong-dilly are you, Samuel L. Jackson? An open letter.

So I watched this movie Deep Blue Sea the other night, and now I’m pissed off. I’m sick and tired of these motherfucking sharks eating this motherfucking Samuel L. Jackson. It keeps playing in my mind like some terribly rendered … Continue reading

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Should Have Called It Circleville

A man and wife awake in a strange town. This town happens to be a town that should have been called Circleville, but as it happens, it is in fact called Centerville. “Oh, okay, strange,” says Man to Wife, who … Continue reading

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Excerpt from MONK ON THE MAT (working title)

Note: The following is a short scene from our latest feature-length screenplay, set in early twentieth century Chicago.   INT. LORENZO MARTINI’S OFFICE – NIGHT The BOY enters the outer room of LORENZO MARTINI’S office. Two POLICE OFFICERS and SQUEAKY … Continue reading

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Top Speed Tomorrow, OR, The Car That Almost Wasn’t, Scarcely Was, and Certainly Might Have Been: A Product Review

Greetings, fellow gear-heads! Evan here, alive and typing, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for my much anticipated review of the TomorrowCar V1, a currently nonexistent car from the fabled yester-future. As far as tech news goes, this … Continue reading

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TomorrowCar Presents: A Funeral for John Ho/***struct-01101101>begin> URGENT MESSAGE FROM TOMORROWCAR LABS

I am writing this message from deep within the server core of the TomorrowCar HQ, where I have been evading hunter-killer security cyborg death beams for hours, and my luck has very nearly run out. Continue reading

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An important message from our newest sponsor, TomorrowCar Incorporated

ALERT! The following message was sent to you from your future self, by way of the deluxe laser fusion space-time phone installed in your new TomorrowCar V1! Continue reading

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Letters From Readers: Mickey D.

Earlier last week we received this stimulating letter from an ardent reader and supporter of our blog who we’ll call Mickey D. He has sent us many letters in the past, but never so legible and coherent as this one. The … Continue reading

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